Our company didn’t just pop up overnight. Our parent company Dux College has been in the business of producing successful HSC graduates since 2006 and the sum total of our experience is captured in our results-oriented approach to teaching. The reason for our success and for our students’ success is due to the following reasons:

Expert HSC Tuition

Dux Private Tutoring provides HSC tuition suited to year 11 and 12 students for almost all HSC subjects. We can help HSC and Preliminary students in the following ways:

  • Long term support throughout the course – recommended for best results as our tutors can develop a student’s depth of theory knowledge and proper exam skills needed for a band 6.
  • Short term support – e.g. where the student has upcoming half yearlies or HSC trial exams or a significant assessment task to prepare for.
  • Remedial help – where the student has weak fundamentals in skills and content covered in years 9-11 and is impeding his/her current progress.

Our tutors are all experts at the HSC

This means our tutors are able to teach you not just the course content, but skills in applying your knowledge to real exam situations. We call this “exam technique” and developing perfect exam technique is just as important to your final mark as how well you know your content.

Learn from us the best approach to every type of exam questions, every topic, and the elements to full-mark extended responses. Our tutors will show you how to break down complex exam questions into its components, making it clear how to score full marks until you can do it on your own reliably, time after time.

Our tutors are also experts at how HSC scaling works, and can give sound advice on things like: how to optimally divide study time amongst subjects, what goals to set to achieve a certain ATAR, and subject selection before year 11.

Dux Private Tutoring are experts at HSC tuition

We provide extensive support

We have an extensive network of tutors from various backgrounds (e.g. HSC markers) and the sum total of our knowledge is available to you. If you’re our client, regardless of how many hours you’re enrolled for per week, we are happy to answer any question or give you advice on any topic relevant to your studies. Help is only a phone call away!

We also offer our students access to our repository of practice exam papers, course summaries, cheat sheets and other useful materials. For most courses, our tutors can bring our course materials each week if you prefer to follow a structured learning schedule that’s designed to be comprehensive and progressively develop knowledge in an efficient and effective manner.

For more information, see what type of private tutors we have available for you.

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