Private Maths Tutoring for Years K-6

Private tutoring for maths for Selective and OC preparation

Private Maths tutoring for young K-6 students can develop strong foundations in understanding mathematical concepts that will aid them throughout high school and beyond. Topics and concepts in maths are all heavily interdependent and interconnected. It is too easy and common for a student to fall behind in a particular topic, leading to long term difficulty in understanding subsequent content as the class moves forward. Dux Private Tutoring is familiar with the challenges students face, and we can run a long term tuition program to aid students throughout their K-6 schooling, as well as preparation for OC and Selective Tests that occur in years 4 and 6 respectively.

Selective and OC Test Preparation

Mathematics is a major component in the Selective and OC tests that occur in years 4 and 6 respectively. Both exams are major milestones in a primary school student’s early schooling, and can be a significant determinant toward future success.

Private Mathematics tutoring for Selective Test

The selective test is done in year 6 and determines year 7 entry into Selective Schools across NSW. Such schools produce the strongest academic performance across NSW in the HSC, and its high achieving graduates go on to enter competitive university courses such as Law, Medicine and Commerce. Success in this early stage of a child’s schooling can be the beginning of a long term habit of strong work ethic and continued academic success.

The Selective Test consists of Reading, Mathematics, and General Ability multiple choice sections. Our tutors can help students struggling with maths to excel at it instead – we can devise a tuition program to suit students of all academic backgrounds. Our tutors are deeply familiar with the requirements of the Selective Test. We know how to get our students where they need to be for a realistic chance at successfully securing a year 7 placement at a top selective school in NSW.

Private Mathematics tutoring for OC Test

The OC test is done in year 4, and determines entry into local primary schools that run special Opportunity Classes. Students in OC classes for years 5 and 6 often go on to be successful at the Selective Test in year 6, gaining entry into competitive schools like Sydney High, North Sydney High, Baulkham Hills, James Ruse to name a few. The test consists of multiple choice sections in Reading, Mathematics and General Ability. Our tutors are deeply familiar with the requirements for success at this stage. We can devise a program to suit students of all academic backgrounds, geared towards success at the OC test.

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