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In addition to organising private tutoring, we run a tutoring college in several locations across Sydney. As a fully resourced institution, our tutors follow the same course scheduling, guidelines and standards as our classes. Our private tutoring students benefit from our well resourced tutors, as well as our years of experience in knowing what it takes to acheive band 6 results. All other private tuition providers will simply send a tutor to your home and leave the student’s academic fate up to the tutor.

For long term programs, our students can follow one of our full year course schedules – our tutors will be able to provide students with rich summary notes and exam-style homework on an ongoing basis. This is available at no extra cost to you, and the scheduling can be altered to suit the student’s ability and goals.

Samples of our course materials

If you opt to follow our course schedules, each week you will receive a booklet complete with theory discussion and homework at no extra charge. Our homework questions are designed to be exam-style questions, so you gain as much exposure to exam questions as possible.

We offer complete course material sets for more than just the subjects mentioned above.
To check whether we’ve got course materials for the subject you’re after, give us a call!

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