Costs are dependent on what year the student is in – higher years require slightly increased costs due to the extra depth of preparation for their HSC success.

Years K-6 (OC & Selective Preparation)

$6600/hr inc GST
  • Students in this year group are preparation for entrance exams into Opportunity Class (year 4) and the Selective Schools Test (year 6). These first milestones of a young student’s academic career determine whether they can get a placement into a coveted high ranking selective school or not.
  • A successful placement in a top 20 selective school will significantly brighten a student’s future prospects.
  • We can devise a program customised to the student’s ability level with these goals in mind.
  • Suggested tuition load: 2 hours per week to cover all of English (inc. Writing), Mathematics and General Ability

Years 7-10 (Stage 4 & 5 Outcomes)

$7700/hr inc GST
  • Students in this year group are developing their skills in preparation for senior years. While there are no major exams or milestones during these school years, these years represent an excellent opportunity for students to develop a strong foundation across all Stage 4 and 5 syllabus outcomes.
  • A solid skillset developed by the end of year 10 represents an opportunity for the student to select high scaling HSC subjects for their year 11 Preliminary course. Doing high scaling subjects is an important factor in achieving high ATARs at the end of the HSC.
  • Suggested tuition load: 2 hours per week to cover English, Maths and Science

Years 11-12 (HSC Preparation)

$8800/hr inc GST
  • The HSC is the most important milestone in a student’s career up to this point in their lives. How well a student does determines what university courses are open to them, and therefore what career choices are available to them. The HSC has an immense impact on a student’s future.
  • We absolutely are experts at the HSC – we intimately understand all the factors that go into success at any HSC subject we offer tuition for. We know exactly what a student needs to do to attain a band 6 result, and we can get them there.
  • Suggested tuition load: 1 hour per week per subject for students of sound ability, or 2 hours per week for students in need of remedial / catch-up help

Payment options

We accept the following payment options:

  • In person: Drop by Dux College’s offices in Parramatta or Bondi Junction on any weekend and we can process your payment in person there, as well as answer any queries you may have.
    – Cash
    – Cheque

  • Online:
    – Direct deposit (bank details on the right)
    – Credit Card – Mastercard or Visa only (send us an email and request an invoice – the invoice will contain a secure link for credit card payment processing)

  • At a bank:
    – Direct deposit (bank details on the right)


  • First session is a paid trial lesson (pay for first session without any future commitment)
  • Trial lesson must be paid in full at least 48 hours before first scheduled session, else we cannot organise the session
  • Minimum booking term: 10 weeks – payable only after you are satisfied with your trial lesson
  • Term fees must be received no later than 48 hours before next scheduled session, else we cannot organise the session
  • For all year groups, minimum 1 hour tuition session length per week
  • No refunds to cancellations – if at least 12 hours notice is given, we can schedule a make-up session
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