2Our science programs are designed to develop a student’s understanding of concepts rather than encourage memorisation and rote-learning. Only a solid grasp of underlying concepts will allow students to tackle any variation of exam question.

In addition to covering the content, just as important in HSC science exams is the student’s grasp of exam technique. Exam technique refers to a student’s familiarity with the different HSC key-words and their specific requirements, how to synthesise their knowledge into a well-argued extended response, and specific strategies to dealing with certain types of exam questions (e.g. when to use a table or a diagram to aid your response).

Our tutors will also cover the skills-based syllabus dot-points (e.g. first-hand investigations, gather information from secondary sources, etc) so you will be well-prepared for any practical exams, or exams testing your knowledge of first-hand investigations.

We offer private tuition for all the major HSC sciences:

  • Biology*
  • Chemistry*
  • Physics*
  • Senior Science
  • Earth and Environmental Science

*Detailed syllabus dot-point summaries and course materials are available for our students

Preliminary sciences

Year 11 is an excellent opportunity for students to develop a strong foundation in their conceptual understanding and practical skills. For example, in Chemistry, students learn the valencies of common elements and species, how to name carbon compounds, electronegativity, the nature of intra and intermolecular forces and how these influence physical properties, and other topics that will form the foundation for year 12 content.

Students are also encouraged to learn ahead of their pace at school, in order to ease the load in year 12, which will be filled with assessment tasks that count towards their HSC.

HSC sciences

In year 12, students should focus on the module they are doing at school in preparation for their next assessment or exam. Doing well in internal exams allows students to secure higher ranks, which is what determines the internal component of their end result for the subject. Our tutors will teach according to the syllabus, ensuring students use their time on learning only what is relevant to their exams at school.

In addition to covering the course content, our tutors will have access to our repository of past papers and exam-style homework, which will be used to give our students plenty of practice at exam-style questions.

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