Preliminary Chemistry (year 11)

Our Preliminary Chemistry course covers the four core modules:

  • The Chemical Earth
  • Metals
  • Water
  • Energy

Our tutors are able to accommodate any particular order or focus on a particular module you need help with (e.g. for an assignment or upcoming exam).

HSC Chemistry (year 12)

Our HSC Chemistry course covers the three core modules:

  • Production of Materials
  • The Acidic Environment
  • Chemical Monitoring and Management

Our HSC Chemistry tutors are also able to tutor any of the option topics (students will need to do only one):

  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Shipwrecks, Corrosion and Conservation
  • The Biochemistry of Movement
  • The Chemistry of Art
  • Forensic Chemistry

Success in HSC sciences like Chemistry is dependent not only on excellent theoretical / content knowledge, but also on what constitutes effective exam technique. Our tutors are able to give sound advice on how to structure exam responses, how to satisfy marking criteria, what to include in a response for any type of exam question, and give tips for every other situation.

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