Legal Studies tutoring

Dux Private Tutoring can provide Legal Studies tutoring for years 11 and 12 for students of all levels and situations. Our private tutors can assist students with assessment tasks, assignments, exam preparation, or long term support throughout the year. We help students improve ranks and marks at school in HSC Legal Studies by comprehensively covering the syllabus requirements as well as teaching students how to deal with every possible exam situation.

The Legal Studies core topics include:


  • The legal system
  • The individual and the law
  • Law in practice


  • Crime
  • Human Rights
  • Option topics (Consumers, Global environmental protection, Family, Indigenous peoples, Shelter, Workplace, World order)
Private HSC Legal Studies tutoring Sydney

Our Legal Studies tutors will go through the entire syllabus with you, or specific parts of the course if that’s what you need. Our tutors also show you the best approach to every topic / every type of exam question, and how to reliably write extended responses for full marks.

Dux Private Tutoring can provide you with a legal studies tutor to help you achieve band 6 in HSC legal studies. Our tutors can devise a program suited to students of all situations and levels of advancement in the course. Whether you’re looking for something short term (e.g. upcoming legal studies assessment or exam) or longer term (e.g. support throughout the HSC year), our tutors can assist.

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