As with all courses, our private tutoring program is fully customisable and can be tailored to your child’s exact needs, regardless of what level they are at. The following information is a general guide and is used by our tutors as a point of reference.

Years 7 and 8

Our Science private tutoring program for years 7 and 8 follows the requirements of the NSW Stage 4 Science Syllabus. Students gain a conceptual understanding of the natural world and phenomena around them. Students also develop understanding of the scientific method, research skills, assessing the validity of secondary sources, gathering information and other skills-based requirements of the stage 4 syllabus. Some topics covered in years 7 and 8 are:

  • Energy and forces
  • Forms of energy and energy transformations
  • Particle theory, elements, states of matter
  • Cell theory, organisms, the human body
  • The solar system, structure of the Earth, components of the universe

Years 9 and 10

Our Science private tutoring program for years 9 and 10 builds upon the foundation and skills developed in earlier years. Our science classes for these years aim to give students a smooth transition into year 11, particularly if they choose Chemistry, Physics or Biology for their HSC. HSC sciences have consistently offered high scaling and have contributed to many students who receive outstandingly high ATARs.

Students will satisfy the requirements and scope of the NSW Stage 5 Science Syllabus, however the course does go into greater detail in areas that are relevant to year 11 Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics. This is for the benefit of students, as their transition into year 11 will be made easier. Some topics covered in years 9 and 10 are:

  • Energy, forces and motion
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Earth in Space
  • The Human Species
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