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Our tutors are the best Sydney has to offer. Our organisation is highly regarded and retains the highest quality teaching staff in the industry. Our private tutors typically undergraduates at University studying related courses that have achieved 99+ ATAR in HSC. Some of our tutors have achieved state ranks (meaning they came top 10 in NSW in the subjects they are teaching) – we typically have these tutors teach our year 11 and 12 students for HSC preparation. Many of our tutors are studying Law, Medicine, Actuarial Studies, Dentistry, Engineering etc at the best universities in Sydney – our tutors are personal role models in addition to being subject area experts.DIn

Our tutors will inspire and motivate students

A student will begin to do well in exams once they understand the importance of study – how what they are doing at school fits in with their long term goals. Our tutors understand this intimately, and will inspire our students to become internally motivated.

Once the push to study comes from within, the student will begin to excel! And maintaining this attitude towards work and achievement will carry on into the student’s future study and career, underpinning a lifelong pattern of success.

Our tutors are highly effective communicators

Our tutors are personable, enthusiastic and inspiring individuals who will make the learning experience fun and enjoyable for the students.

All of our tutors are interviewed in-person and are required to demonstrate their teaching capability to our hiring managers. Only those that demonstrate a high level of teaching ability are assigned students.

We have experience

We aren’t simply an agency that connects tutors with students, we have been running a physical tutoring centre in Parramatta and Bondi Junction since 2008. Search for Dux College on google to see how well liked we are! Needless to say, we know what we are doing, and that’s something that cannot be said for most others in the industry.

In addition to simply going through the theory, our tutors will also teach students how to perfect exam technique in accordance to Dux College’s high standards of teaching. Students learn the best approaches to every topic / every type of exam question, and how to craft full-mark exam responses in all possible exam questions, time after time.

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